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Manual Testing




Q. What is difference between manual tester and QA?

Basically quality analyst in a manual tester but Manual tester is not quality analyst.

We will following below scenario After that youwill get full knowledge about QA.

Is the manual testing easy?

Yes, manual testing is very easy because of you don’t need to learn any programming languages. You can directly perform manual testing without completing any programming course or certification

Firstly you need to learn syllabus of manual testing and go through that syllabus study is in each and every testing technique After that you can work in any project by manually,

Basically in the manual testing there areFew environment like sanity you SIT and UAT regression you can choose one of them? Becomes  manual Tester please go through our website your senior faculty  members provide all syllabus of manual tester have.

Q. who is the quality analyst.

Basically quality analyst is the person who have knowledge of manual testing and automation testing. The person who has working on automation testing by using any tools and he has knowledge on expressions of manual testing. That person we can called as (QA) quality analyst.

Q. Who is manual tester?

The person who had knowledge of experience of testing by manually we can say that manual tester for that person.

Q. Is agile is manual testing

No, agile is a technique which is used to develop the quality product

It is a value driven methodology because of agile plan for 3 or 4 week not for whole project

In the agile automation Api and database also manual testing simultaneously work that why it’s not only manual testing

Q.Is jira manual testing

No, Jira is project management tools it is used for bug tracking user stories tracking

It is use for work tracking not for a testing

Is jira used for  manual testing

Jira is tracking tools like bug, issue, stories and other project work tracking jira is use in automation as tracking agent.

Q. What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is term, when quality tester are performed his work and test cases by manually. Without using any software or tool called manual testing.