Defect Life Cycle [Bug Life Cycle]

Defect Life Cycle

Defect Life Cycle is also know as bug life cycle, defect life cycle its journey of defect from start to end .

what is defect life cycle ?

Whenever we are starting to execute the test cases, so at that time we are updating the status of defect according it pass and fail test cases, so for that process we called as “Defect Life Cycle”.


Software Testing Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)

How many phases in defect life cycle ?

Phases of defect life

In Defect life cycle there are multiple status they we are explained bellow .

  1. New
  2. Assign
  3. Open
  4. Fixed
  5. Retesting
  6. Verify
  7. Closed
  8. Reopen
  9. Reject
  10. Duplicate
  11. Differed


  • New: – Whatever we are getting new defect we need to log defect whatever you have like jira [means in defect tracking tools] . This defect we posted for the first time at that time status of defects is “New” which is set by tester.


  • Assign: – After that we will assign that defect to developer, here developer is not accept that defect firstly whether defect is correct or not.  In this way assigning is done so status is changed from new to “Assign”.


  • Open: – After assigning the particular bug to developer after that developer analyzing that defect that time status is going to change from assign to “Open”.

Developer analyzing that defect on four things.

  1. Duplicate defect
  2. Rejected defect
  3. Deferred defect
  4. Reopened

What is duplicate defect?

  • A) Duplicate defect:- Some defect assigned repeatedly at that time developer change the status as duplicate and close that defect.  If the defect is repeated or defect corresponds to some concept at that time status will be “Duplicate defect”.

When status goes on rejected?

  • B) Rejected defect:- If the developer have proper explanation on that defect then the status will be “Rejected”.

Who gives the status as deferred?

  • C) Deferred defect:- And also sometime developer are accept defect but not fixed in current sprint the defect. Which have no more impact on current sprint and it move to next sprint that time defect status is “Deferred”. Developer has not enough time to fix it. Deferred status given by scrum master.


  •  D) Reopened:- If the bug is still there, even the developer has fixed the bug we will change the status of “Reopened”. After that again that bug goes throw bug life cycle. It means after the developer fixed defect tester test that defect are fixed or not.Sometimes that defect are not fixed  that are still there that time status goes to reopen.


  • Fixed:- When developer accept the bug and fixed it means make the necessary changes in that sprint as well as verifies Those test cases was failed that is working properly at that time status is “Fixed”.

What is retesting?

  •  Retesting:- When developer Fixed the bug and also testing team check that bug whether the fail test cases that working properly or not. That time status goes to “Retesting”.


  •  Verify:- After Fixing a defect by developer and retesting by tester , tester “Verify” there is no functionalities are working properly.


  •  Closed:- Whatever the scenarios are mentioned in user story according to the customer requirement . that all fulfilled to developer develop application . And that application is  working properly and that application are bug free. At that time status goes to “Closed”.