Different Types Of Agile Ceremonies [Meetings]

Different Types Of Agile Ceremonies

Different Types Of Agile Ceremonies we all of you know that agile ceremonies is also called as Agile Meeting. Work management in any project important role play by the meeting because of every fractional updates shared by meeting.

There are five important meetings in agile ceremonies.

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Different Types of agile meeting/ Agile Ceremonies

  1. Grooming meeting
  2. Sprint planning meeting
  3. Scrum meeting/ Daily stand meeting
  4. Sprint review meeting
  5. Retrospective meeting


What is Grooming meeting?

  1. Grooming Meeting:

This meeting conducted before the start of sprint. In the grooming meeting product owner, Business analyst, scrum master, Development team, testing team, and also design team are involved.

Main purpose of that meeting to understand User stores / functional requirements of customer.  When project owner gather all requirement from client after that Grooming meeting is conducted. What is the requirement of the project? What is the aim of that project?

Business analyst gives important instructions to both development team and testing team. Business analyst shares the confidential information about project to development team and testing team. Duration of this meeting 30 to 60 minutes.

Agenda of this meeting:  Understand functional requirement of client and discuss about project.

What is Sprint planning meeting?

  1. Sprint planning meeting

Scrum master conducted Sprint planning meeting on 1st day of Sprint. Product owner or BA, SM, Design Team, Development Team, testing Team these peoples are participating in this meeting.

Main purpose of that meeting is which functionality is going to check in next sprint that functionality is discussed in meeting. It can goodly say that understand and arranging the user stories. Once detailed information about user stories are gathered by product owner or BA.

Scrum master and project owner host this meeting. Scrum master allocate work to development team and testing team. And also assign the user stories as per the requirement to development team and testing team.

Estimation is also called as Sprint planning meeting. It is nothing but a process of how to deal with problem. Duration of this meeting is 30 to 60 minutes.

Agenda of this meeting:  Shorting the user stories, discuss the requirement which is comes in next sprint.

What is Scrum meeting/ Daily stand meeting?

  1. Scrum Meeting

It is known as every day status call or daily standup call. People involved in the scrum meeting – Scrum Master, Development Team,Testing Team. Every day take this call discussion about projects, Daily Development activity, testing activity, daily work.

Duration of this meeting 15 min to 30 min. scrum master host this meeting and also Scrum master is chairperson of the standup call.

Discuss about –

  1. What we did yesterday

It is a report of previous work which has completed by team member

  1. What we did today :-

It is the work from pending work which team member have to complete by the end of the day

  1. Discussion about any blocker/roadblock/issues:-

Difficulties in executing test cases. At the time of execution we facing the problem means occurs some issues.

Agenda of this meeting:  Discuss the progress of project 

What is Review meeting?

  1. Sprint Review Meeting –

Sprint review meeting conducted on last day of sprint. Peoples are involved in Sprint Review meeting– Product owner, BA, Scrum master, Design Team, Development Team, testing Team. Sometime customer also involved in this meeting.

Duration of this meeting is – 30 to 60 minutes Min. Team prepares the demo about application or product and delivered to product owner or Client. In this meeting all developed software/application functionality is working as per the expected functionality this cross check and add some additional change.

Agenda of this meeting:  Demo for actual working/developed functionality working as expected functionality this cross checking.

What is Retrospective meeting?

  1. Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Sprint Retrospective meeting Conducted on last day of sprint. Scrum master host this meeting. In this meeting Scrum master, Development Team, Testing Team  this peoples are the part of this meeting.

Duration of this meeting 60 minutes. Main purpose of this meeting what went well that is Good thinks? In the current sprint.  That is used in next sprint and what not went wrong that is bad thinks?  In the current sprint that is not helps in next sprint.

Agenda of this meeting :  This meeting helps to avoid mistake in next sprint.