Retesting [7 Tips Of Retesting]


Retesting is the method of re-execution of same build or applications with multiple test data. It is done for identify defect is successfully removed or not It is also known as planned testing and it is include defect verification. In re-testing, Tester will test functionality by passing multiple test data.


Regression testers are perform retesting. Retesting is important because if we doing test according to test case and which will create using only one test data then that should be bad defect. Re-Testing is carried out to check and confirm that the test cases that failed in the final execution are passing after those errors/defects are solved.

Good defect is that defect which occurs repeatedly on multiple test data. When we check system for first time then we do every testing to ensure that this defect is good defect.


Regression Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Difference Between Retesting And Regression Testing

We do the two times. 

  1. Before we lock the defect we do the retesting.
  2. After developer solve the defect we do the retesting.

When we do the retesting? 

  • When testing team raised any defect to development team after that development team had working on that defect and fixed it. 
  • After that developer release new patch and for checking that defect has properly fixed or not we do again testing on that patch called as retesting.
  • At the time developer fixed the bug that time development team send that build to testing team and testing team do the retesting they check the previously posted bug are fixed or not. And also sometime client requirement is we do the retesting.

Why we do the retesting? 

If we are executing test cases with one test data that time we got an error/defect but that defect is consider as bad defect because we are test only single data. But for example we consider that defect as a good defect . but we are tested with multiple /different test data that time we got this error repeatedly  occurs .that’s why that defect are bad defect . before locking  the defect tester validate/check  that defect are valid or not. So tester are retesting application with multiple test data  and find the valid defect then we will raise in defect tracking tool like, Jira. 

Explain the cycle of retesting? 

As per the defect life cycle or bug life cycle, once the tester firstly found a defect/bug, that bug tester reported to developer (development team). That time status of that bug is “New”.

After that the developer sometime accepts that defect or sometime reject that defect. Sometime the developer accepts that defect at that time the developer fixed it and closes that bug. And that build is ready for testing. Developer sends that build to testing team. Now the testing team verified that bug to find out whether that bug properly solved or not, this testing is nothing but a Retesting.

Regression tester do the retesting with same test cases with same test data  which one we used in previous  build. If any bug are not found then we gives the status as fixed. And if that bug are not resolved in this build then we give the status as a Reopen . After that testing team make a documentation and hat document send to the development team.

In short,

Once Defect raised – Developers accept it – start working on it – Provide fix

In New build – Tester are performing retesting of that bug – weather it is fixed or not.


Advantages of Retesting?

Main advantage is to check tester makes sure that a bug has been fixed by the developer. They ensure that bug is no longer present in the application by applying the same step.

At time completion of retesting bug are completely fixed and closed. In the short retesting increase the quality of the product. And also in that we check the fail test cases. The bug can be fixed in a short period of time as it target on a particular issue.

Disadvantages of Retesting? 

As of know that this testing is time consuming for the tester. As he or she needs to repeat the exact same steps to check if the issue is resolved. And also,

Why Retesting is Important ?

It is important in software testing because In that testing we verify the defect/bug or issue. It is used to confirm to developers that issue is valid or not. And also in here, test the whole functionality of module as per the expected functionality. On the basis of that testing we confirm or check the quality of the product.

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