Sanity Testing

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is called Zero level testing. It is also called as build verification testing. We perform sanity testing after the completion of integration testing, we can goodly say that verification testing is started. In sanity testing we can check only high-risk critical error Aim of sanity testing is to check the primary and core functionality of the application and also generate the desired output.

Definition: Sanity testing is a subset of regression testing. After receiving the software build, sanity testing is performed to ensure that the code changes introduced are working as expected. This testing is a checkpoint to determine if testing for the build can proceed or not. . Sanity testing is done at random to verify that each function is working as expected.

In sanity testing executing end-to-end functional test cases. Here we don’t log any defects. We can check random functionality. In this testing, only critical bugs are logged by the tester which means here to check whether there is a blocker or not. for example,  404 error, and a page not found like this error are nothing but a blocker (it is also known as a show stopper).


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Basically in sanity testing tester and also DBA means the database administrator is involved. In sanity testing tester focus on the validation part like,

-Basic core functionality

-Tab Validation

-Link Validation

-GUI Validation

-Page Validation

-Link Validation


Basic Core Functionality

In this testing, we check the basic functionality like buttons and icons.

For example, there is submit button on the signup page then we test that submit button to see whether it is working properly or not. This kind of functionality checks.

Tab Validation

Here, we will check the functioning of the Tabs. Tabs means it is text boxes here we can enter the values using keyboard characters, numbers, and symbols, which should get entered in the tab. This kind of functionality check-in tab validation.

Link Validation

In the link validation, we check the sequence of interlink pages that get tested.

Suppose, there is a phone pay application and the user wont to book the ticket user clicks on the flight icon the flight information page should be opened.

GUI Validation

 GUI –It is a graphical user interface

In this testing, the tester checks the whether the page is properly displayed or not.

We check the image should display clearly. In this testing we check image should be clear to the user, no blur occurs anywhere on the page and many more.

This validation of visualization is called a graphical user interface.

Page Validation

It is also known as Navigation Testing means in that testing we check the back and next click .that working well or not.

Suppose, in google, there are so many pages available. But the user requirement is to go to the 4th page.  Firstly he goes with the 4th page. if he wants to go back to 3rd page

So this process working well or not? This is navigation testing means page validation.

Link Validation

In this validation check sequence of interlinking pages gets tested.

Suppose, there is a phone pay application then if any user can click on the phone pay application so the first page is the start phone pay which is the password page comes then the home page of the phone pay application opens, so in that case, the developer gives the link of that pages to some icons. So we validate in link validation.

For example, Suppose there is a phone pay application There are so many pages User wants to go to 5 pages That are the transfer money page when you click on that page should be opened and navigate to the next and previous page called page validation.

If the user clicks on the money transfer page icon then that page should work called link validation.

After that user writes payment detail on the keyboard the details should be except for Tab validation.

Then click all transfer money button then It should work.

After that user gets a clear image of a transaction detail and all details with Proper graphics called GUI validation.



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