System and Functional Testing

System and Functional testing

System and functional testing is done after the sanity testing. it is called as SIT (System Integration Testing). After DIT sanity testing happened.  This is the process of checking completeness and correctness of functionality of system as per SRS document. System Integration Testing is the process of checking internal functionality depends upon external functionality. Tester is involved in this testing.

In the black box testing tester verify/ validates internal functionality of application depends on external interface (front end). It’s a build level testing Technique. Also Known as dynamic testing.  In this testing tester validated end to end testing step by step. Tester executes positive & negative scenarios – valid and invalid data .Check the internal functionality depends upon external data .

Not aware about internal structure of application. As per the user stories test execution started it is nothing but System Integration Testing.


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System and functional testing includes such types of testing


  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing

Functional Testing

It is the process of checking / validates the functionality of application/ software It is a types of black box testing. Functional testing is the process of checking internal functionality depends on the external functionality. Functional testing is the process of checking correctness and completeness of the software /build.

Mainly two types of the functional testing

Functional Testing

Non Functional Testing

Usability Testing

In this testing checking user friendliness of build.In this testing we check colors, fonts visuality, animation. Usability testing is also known as “Acceptance Testing”. Here check our application with end user.

Security Testing

Security means “privacy”. In security testing check privacy of application from user perspective. Here check the user operations and information ids secured or not.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing to check the speed of processing to ensure performance of application. Our application ,how to able to handle heavy load and also, How it is work under workload and without workload condition. and also we check on the traffic how its work.