Test Plan for Agile [ Three Weeks Agile Test plan]

Test plan for agile-Test plan documents Prepared by ‘Manager or Test lead’ test plane document are nothing but project related Document means, resources allocation, job allocation, estimation.

It is project level document In the testing we mostly 2 types of project plan like v-model and agile methodology.

Agile method is not plan driven method because of  in agile methodology  not plan for whole project here, plan for sprint. Duration of sprint is three weeks.


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Test Plan for agile


Test Plan For Agile 

Duration of 3 week

First Week :-

  • User story analysis.
  • Prepared test scenarios.
  • Prepare the test cases.

Week 2 :-

  • Test case review
  • Sanity testing
  • Test case execution
  • Retesting (defect Log)

Week 3 :-

  • Retesting (Defect Log)
  • Regression testing (if CR raised)
  • Summery report
  • Closure report
  • End of sprint

Test Plan For Agile or What is agile test plan?

First week 

After the completion of Sprint planning meeting, first week is start. In this Meeting Scrum Master, product owner and team member should be present. Here all members discuss about all functionality that functionality we are taking upcoming Sprint.

After that product owner me the user story and then in the grooming session meeting product owner will explain the user story, then analysis the user story and also ask if any doubt regarding user story and clear it.

On the basis of user story test engineer prepare test scenario. Test scenario means possible roots of functionality. After that on the basis of test scenario prepared the test cases. This is the process of first week.

Second week

In second week, we need to review test case whatever you had prepared in first week.

-After reviewing you testing team will be get build from developer. after that actual testing start Its means are perform sanity testing on the build.

In the Sanity testing we check the build is stable or not. if build is Stable then test case execution started on it i.e. SIT then do Retesting because retesting done before logging defects

Third week

In the Third week we do the retesting again because whatever we log the defects in the previous week that defect is fixed or not.

If on that even build, if there is CR then do regression testing. If not, then we have prepared test summary report. After the preparation of the summary report test lead prepare test Clouser report and send to scrum Master then end of sprint.

How to write Test plan for agile Sprint?