Test plan in v-model

Test Plan in v-model

Test plan in v- model make a document by Test Lead or test manager. test plan is a complete document in which test strategy, start date, Estimation, deadlines of project, resources which is required for this project. The test plan is a base of every software’s testing.

Test plan in v-model

This documents Prepared by ‘test lead’ test plane document are nothing but project related Document means, resources allocation, job allocation, estimation.

It is project level document In the testing we mostly 2 types of project plan like v-model and agile methodology.


Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)

Waterfall Model

What Is Agile Methodology


What is the test plan in v-model?


In the v-model development and Testing both are running parallel. iv-model stands on validation  and verification. verification going to parallel with the validation.

Its process is costly.  It’s process mostly use in large organization.

Time duration of v-model is 3 months. After getting requirements from clients test plan is prepared. In the V-model test plan prepared by team lead and project manager.

After getting requirement BA make the SRS (System requirement specification) and BRS (Business requirement specification) in which BRS and SRS contain detail information of project.

After the SRS and BRS here make the TRM report (test responsibility matrix) This document make to decide the which type of testing we are performed in the project.

In v-model test plan depends upon some process.

  • Resource allocation
  • Lyrics involved in the project.
  • -Prepared the test plane.
  • -Review this test plane.
  • -Resource allocation: –

Resource allocation is nothing but the team formation. In the resource allocation project manager will allocate the resource and finalize the team as per the SRS(software requirement specification), BRS(business requirement specification) and TRM(test responsibility matrix) document.

Job allocation:

After the resource allocation job allocation is there. reject manager each team member should be allocated the job/task. Then he/she finalized start date and end date of the project, it means finalized estimation.

-Risk involved multiple types of risk involved.


  • Lack of resource
  • Lack of test data
  • Lack of software
  • lack of knowledge
  • lack of requirement
  • lack of delay in Delivery
  • lack of communication.
  • Lack of resources –

If in our project less number of people involved, but work is more that time each member of team should have overload  that is lack of resource.

   Lack of test data-

We do not have test data but you can be aware about domain means you don’t have test data but you have knowledge about domain . That time we do the Ad-hoc testing.

We don’t have test data but you have knowledge about domain then we do the ad-hoc testing.

lack of software-

  • Lack of knowledge-Every team member should have knowledge about domain.
  • Lack of communication between development team and testing team.

Delay in delivery-

It is the delay of delivery. It is late delivery.

In test plan preparation- In v-model test plan prepare by Team leads.  As per the requirement test team lead prepare test data and test cases.

Review test plane-

test plan is received by project manager. I will check whatever we have planned is correct or not.

Who prepares a test plan?

Test plan is a complete document which is make by Test lead or Test manager. Main purpose of this documentation is that How to test , what to test, when to test, who will test. like that.