User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is Also known as end to end testing. It is last testing before product goes into production. UAT is process of collecting feedback of customer.

In the UAT testing team, development team, clients/customer are involved. We use jira Tool for Ticketing and internal communication and teams view for desktop sharing you UAT start after SIT retesting, regression testing client decides from total user stories how many user stories he want to test from tester.

In which customer decide Which story to execate customer decide whether build go to production or not We connect each other to used tools Like Messenger. to share desktop and also to create groups on that we used Jira internal communication Between test or development.

Regression Testing


Difference Between Retesting And Regression Testing


When we performed UAT?

Once retesting and regression testing are done then the UAT will be performed.

Basically, user acceptance testing it done after SIT in the UAT Client is end user. end user performed UAT means end user responsible for work on client Environment.

What is purpose of UAT?

The main purpose of UAT is that testing and UAT Activity to decide how many user stories they want Among all user story, testing team/tester will check all test cases according to Scenario or user story.

In UAT testing, tester will check system and functional testing i.e. in user approaches.

 what are Types of UAT testing?

There are two types of User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Types of UAT


i.e. 1) Alpha testing

      2) Beta testing

What is alpha testing?

Basically, alpha testing most of used in Service based company in the alpha testing both developer and tester are present in testing happens under controller and client also present in this testing.

If we got any defect at the time of alpha testing. that defect will resolved immediately. Client Interaction is more in alpha testing. Real customers are in involved like HDFC, IDBI, ICCI.

Example- Paytm, Flip-kart.

What is beta testing?

Beta testing happens in product base organisation. Beta testing conducted in uncontrolled environment because the client and developers are absent, they are work on different environment.

It is used in product-based organisation this organisation have to develop their own product and they will decide end user for Access it and collecting the feedback from end user and then implement the product according.

In the beta testing. Found any Bug report to developer after that sort that bug/defect and then solve it.

In this testing Take a lot of time.

Process-Report to developer Then sort this defect. After that resolved this defect that’s beta is lengthy as compare to beta testing.

Different between Alpha and beta testing?

Sr Alpha testing Beta testing
  •  Alpha testing mostly used in service-based application.
  • Beta testing will be performed in product-based application.
  • in that Testing developer Tester And client/customer also involved.
  • Beta testing is performed by clients are users They are not employees of the company.
  • In alpha testing client interaction is more.
  • In beta testing end user interaction is more
  • If we got any defect in alpha testing. Then that defect will be fixed immediate.
  • If we got any defect. Then in beta testing these defects will be not fixed immediate.
  • Example-Paytm, Flipkard, etc.
  • example -New game