What Is Estimation In Agile [ Project management]

What is Estimation in Agile

What is Estimation in Agile is nothing but a start date and end date of the project. it is sorting of requirement to developed module .it is also called sprint planning meeting. Scrum master and product owner are host that meeting each team member should present in that meeting. Main purpose for this meeting is which functionality we are going to take in next sprint,That functionality are discussed in meeting or we can goodly say that sorting of user stories. That user stories explained by product owner in his way means what we need to do? What is expectation?

In the agile method, the focus is on module base release. So all the requirement are not of any use for specific module. So to decide requirement among the all requirement  is done.

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People involved:-  Project owner

                               Development lead

                               Test lead

After that scrum master will allocate user stories to us according to resources at that time he will check three factors like Knowledge, efforts, complexity.

Estimation is the process of how to deal with problem when obstacle comes.


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There are mainly 3 factors in the Estimation.

  • Knowledge : After the formation of team each team member should have knowledge about domain .
  • Efforts : Selection of user storied on the basis of module in that estimation they will decide how much efferts are require for project. they decide how much resources or people are required.
  • Complexity : complexity is nothing but the estimation for time ,cost and resources means the comlexity of the project.


What is Estimation in Agile

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