What is integration testing in software

What is integration testing in software

What is integration testing let’s see, In software let it see that it is conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified functional requirement.

Integration testing it is a process of checking new module/ functionality with existing functionality/ old module. In integration Testing WBT (White Box Testers) are involve.

Integration testing

They integrate all dependent modules together(to each other) to form  one application/ Product . Integration testing is the process comes after the unit testing.

Developer are involve in this testing. When developer done his coding, they do the white box testing.

After the completion of white box testing developer star the integration testing. Developer should have knowledge about the all functionality, modules, relationship between every module, and also dependency of module each other.


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What are types of integration testing?

Basically Two types of  integration testing that is as follow.

  1. Front End Integration.
  2. Back End Integration

Types of integration testing


1.Front End Integration:

 Front end integration calls the all modules and sub modules also. Join two modules to each other with the help of “called” function. Developer connects two modules.


2.Back End Integration:

Back End Integration is related to data base. It is used to connecting to two or more table in database with the help of “join” query.


What are 3 ways/Approach of integration testing?

It can be done in three ways, It describe follows,

  1. Top Down Approach/ integration testing
  2. Bottom Up Approach/integration testing
  3. Big Bang Approach/ integration testing

What is integration testing in software

  1. Top Down Approach/ integration testing


  1. Bottom Up Approach/integration testing

Bottom Up Approach/integration testing is an approach where bottom level units are tested first. And after that upper-level units are test step by step.

It means we can start testing from the bottom means start with the sub module. We execute firstly sub module and on the basis of that we execute the main module

  1. Big Bang Approach/ integration testing

Combine all the modules once and verifying the functionality after completion of individual module testing


Q. what is the main purpose of integration testing.

The purpose of integration testing is to expose faults in the interaction between the integration units. The integration testing is the process of testing the interface between two software unit of module. Integration testing can we done three ways.

What is the scope of integration testing?


Who performs integration testing?

This testing Perform by white box tester means developer do this testing. But that developer should have knowledge about the all functionality, dependency