What Is Non-Functional Testing

What Is Non-Functional Testing

What Is Non-Functional Testing? It is process of Checking Internal functionality of software/ application . In Non- functional testing we check the our application work/run properly on particular operating system and also in different Browser.

E.g. Cheak whether application is running on particular Browser are not.

– In the non-functional testing efficiency and Occurrence are going to checked. Different types of Non functional testing. It is as follows.

Types of Non-functional testing 

  1. Recovery testing
  2. compatibility testing
  3. configuration testing
  4. Inter system testing
  5. Installation testing
  6. Globalization testing
  7. Sanitation testing
  8. Parallel testing

What Is Non-Functional Testing

A) Recovery testing

-It is process of checking whether application able to recover from abnormal situation to normal situation.Example- suppose we are searching on Google Shows, that we are offline whenever Internet Resume Google shows Pages that we are accessible.

B) compatibility testing: –

It is a process of checking whether the build is Compatible with user expected platform.  It means operating system and browser.

There are two types of compatibility Testing?

1)Forward compatibility testing.

2) Backward compatibility testing.

If build is correct but OS /browser do not work properly then it is forward compatibility test.

-Up find Len earner in this test.

– If OS /browser is O/C but build do not work properly then it is backward compatibility testing.

-Generally, we are involved in browser compatibility test.

Cross browser testing: –

It is process of tester check build on different browser, chrome fire force version browser testing.  We check build on different different version of some browser.

C) Configuration testing: –

-It is the hardware compatibility testing.  it is process of checking whether are application works with different hardware are not e.g.-printer, camera etc.

D) Inter system testing

it is the process of checking whether our or application.  Able to share information with other application.  In short it is the process of checking whether over application shear data with other application or not.   The data communication between two application happens through xml.   We are involved in this system.  Generally banking domain company uses Inter system testing.

Example, Suppose we have made payment for jio from Paytm then Paytm fatten information from jio app this data shearing gate checked.

E) Installation testing: –

-it is the process of checking installation off over build with existing software into user expected platform.  Set up of program execution that is check all setup file present or not.   Check installation off exe file.   Interface should be user friendly.  Interface should be easily navigate through app.  Tester check whether dies space available If there is insufficient dies space then error display example- insufficient dies space. Check             Un-installation all files Further Remove at un-installation.

F) Globalization testing: –

It is the process of checking application support different language or not.We are involved in this testing.

-There 3 types

1)Localization testing: –

Check whether application support Well languages means local languages.  like Marathi, Telugu.

2)Globalization  testing: –

Check whether application support global language, means English languages.

3)Internationalization testing: –

Check whether application support official language of countries. It means we check application support international languages or not. for example, Japani, chainies, like that different languages.

G) Parallel testing: –

It is the Process of checking our product with other product. It is also known as Comparison testing.

example Pay tm comparison with Amazon or Flip kart.

H) sanitation testing: –

-It is also known as base testing. it is method in which check extra features which are not mentioned in customer requirement. -We are involved this testing.

– When we found extra features to customer, but we have taken permission from B.A. If then customer agree that means that extra features have to easy extra money.

Example– In Pay tm project any product value is RS 400 but developer add Extra features Rs 400.