What is Smoke Testing [ Real Time Example]

What is Smoke Testing?

What is Smoke Testing in software testing, lets see that in that testing we check  the basic and critical features of the application before testing in depth or entirely application it is called as smoke testing. means sanity testing plus troubleshooting. It is the package validation. It is build verification testing .when developer team provide the new build for testing to software testing team. Software testing team validate that new build and verify that build are bug free or not any issues present in that build.


Sanity Testing

What Is Integration Testing In Software

System And Functional Testing


This is the process of checking stability of build. Is to done an each and every part of application at an high level. It can goodly say that in smoke testing we can check overall application at high level. Not check the depth part of application.

We checking whether perfectly working or not. In that testing we check the critical functionality. In that  testing is a general checkup of module ,Before doing the deep checkup of functionality.

Package Validation

Package it is a collection or combination of objects. All information save in the backed through the package.  That’s why the package validation done by backed developer.

Real Time Example of Smoke Testing ?

If user enters information in signup page then that info save in database and after that user fill right credential in login page but there is show invalid error then back Developer has to find from which package this information comes.

Difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing?

Smoke testing vs sanity testing

Smoke Testing
Sanity Testing
  • It is also known as Build verification testing and build acceptance testing.
  • Sanity testing is also called as Zero level testing.
  • Here, we can check the critical functionality.
  • In sanity testing we check the new added functionality and bug fixes are working perfectly well or not.
  • General checkup of module ,Before doing the deep checkup of functionality.
  • Sanity testing is a sub set of regression testing,
  • We check the Stability of build
  • After the stable build we do the sanity testing new modification, new functionality working fine or not.
  • It is generally automated.
  • Sanity testing generally not automated.
  • Usually you documentation do in that testing.
  • But in sanity testing documentation is not required to do.
  • These is always the positive testing.
  • Sanity testing is the combination of both positive as well as negative testing.
  • It is  performed by both developer and tester.
  • Sanity testing performed by only the testers.



Why both developer and testers both are involved in smoke testing?

Before going the build for testing developer are sure/verify to whatever we will done means they done the module that functionality working fine or not.


Suppose we have a project flip cart and customer has given 30 days to complete it.

20 days developers have taken to developed it. After that tester check all module one by one and one day tester found a defect.

Tester found a defect after 5 days .tester send that defect to developer and then developer tells he needs to 10 days for solving the defect/resolving that defect.

But client has given 30 days for entire project.

Why do we need smoke testing?

Because in the Smoke testing check the stability of build. In that testing all software testing process that checks whether the deployed software build is stable or not.

Is smoke testing manual or automation?

This is can be performed by manually as well as automation. That performed both manually or automation as per the testing need.

Which comes first sanity or smoke testing?

Smoke testing comes first because This is done by the developer. This is come under the  software testing process that checks whether the deployed software build is stable or not. It  is a confirmation for QA team to proceed with further software testing.  Here,  we can be check the stability of build that’s why smoke is first.

Is smoke testing easy?

Yes, it is so easy Here, we can check only positive testing and positive scenarios . before moving build  is smoke done. Here we can not make a documentation and also here we can not be write a test cases, that’s why it is so easy to understanding and not criticality of bug. we can found any bug then we reject that bug. Cant be fixed it.

Who will conduct smoke testing?

Normally, This  done by either developer or tester.  Both developer and testers involved in this testing.  But  sanity testing done by the tester. It is unit testing and code level testing that’s why it done by the coder means developer.